In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring the safety and integrity of your workplace is crucial. This is where Providence Screening steps in, offering a range of comprehensive background check packages tailored to meet various business needs. Whether you’re in healthcare, retail, staffing, or any other industry, understanding how to choose the right background check package is essential for maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment.

Understanding Different Packages

Providence Screening likely offers a variety of pre-set packages for background checks, typically categorized as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each package is designed to cater to different levels of screening requirements.

  1. Bronze Package: Ideal for small businesses or startups, the Bronze package may include basic checks such as identity verification, criminal history checks, and employment history verification. This package is suitable for businesses looking for a quick and cost-effective screening solution. Learn more about the Bronze Package.
  2. Silver Package: The Silver package could be a step up, offering more in-depth checks. It might include everything in the Bronze package, plus education verification, credit history checks, and possibly a check on professional licenses. This package could be well-suited for positions requiring a higher degree of trust and responsibility. Discover more about the Silver Package.
  3. Gold Package: The most comprehensive option, the Gold package, is likely to cover all bases. It might encompass all elements of the Silver package, along with more detailed checks like international background screening, motor vehicle records, and even drug testing. This package is ideal for high-level positions or industries where comprehensive background checks are mandatory. Explore the Gold Package in detail.

Selecting the Best Package for Your Business

Choosing the right package depends on several factors:

  • Industry Requirements: Certain industries have specific screening requirements. Healthcare and finance, for example, might require more thorough checks.
  • Position Level: Higher-level positions often necessitate more comprehensive background checks.
  • Budget Considerations: While it’s important not to compromise on safety, budget constraints can influence your package choice.
  • Risk Assessment: Consider the level of risk associated with the position. Higher risk often warrants more thorough screening.


Providence Screening offers a range of background check packages to suit various business needs. By understanding the specifics of each package and assessing your business requirements, you can make an informed decision that ensures the safety and integrity of your workplace. For more information, visit our Background Check Solutions page.