Providence Screening

Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Background Checks

Providence Screening

Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Background Checks

Providence Screening

Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Background Checks

Protecting Your Organization with Precision and Integrity

At Providence Screening, we understand that the foundation of a successful and secure organization begins with a thorough and reliable background screening process. Our mission is clear: safeguard your business by delivering accurate, timely, and legally compliant background checks, all at competitive pricing.

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Our Background Screening Services

Criminal Background Check

Access Providence Screening for comprehensive background checks. Uncover county, statewide, national and federal criminal records, ensuring informed decisions for your organization.

MVR Checks

Secure vital Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) with Providence Screening, crucial for those driving for business. Comprehensive reports for all 50 states and ongoing monitoring are available.

FACIS Level 3 Screening

Explore a comprehensive review of professional and ethical history through FACIS Level 3 screening, surpassing standard checks to reveal federal healthcare program sanctions or exclusions.

Social Security Number Trace

Vital for businesses, Social Security Trace reports establishing a foundation for precise background checks, revealing address history, aiding identity verification, and ensuring informed hiring choices.

Education Verification

Confirm college attendance, duration, and degree details for accurate educational background checks. Make confident hiring decisions with precise information.

Employment Verification

Verify employment details including dates, positions held, job performance, and rehire status for comprehensive insights into a candidate’s professional background.

Safeguard Your Company with Background Checks

Statistics Speak Louder Than Words:


Of organizations that conduct background checks have reported preventing criminal activity within their workforce.


Of employers believe that background screening has a significant impact on reducing employee theft.


Of companies conduct background checks to ensure a safe workplace and protect their employees.

Our Industries

Unlocking Excellence Across Diverse Industries


Ensure driver reliability and compliance with stringent industry standards for a secure and efficient fleet.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Safeguard patient welfare by vetting healthcare professionals, promoting regulatory compliance, and ensuring a trusted workforce.


Streamline hiring processes with swift and thorough background checks, matching top talents with client needs seamlessly.


Enhance workplace safety by background screening candidates for roles involving machinery, chemicals, and sensitive production environments.


Prioritize safety on construction sites by thoroughly vetting personnel for compliance and risk mitigation.


Build a foundation of trust for donors and stakeholders by ensuring the integrity of individuals involved in nonprofit organizations.


Mitigate theft and create a secure shopping environment by verifying the backgrounds of retail employees.

Commercial, Professional, and Financial Services

Ensure the trustworthiness of professionals handling sensitive information, safeguarding clients and maintaining regulatory compliance.


Secure your tech infrastructure by vetting personnel with access to sensitive data and intellectual property.


Deliver exceptional guest experiences with a reliable and trustworthy staff, fostering a positive reputation in the competitive hospitality industry.

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Tailored solutions for smaller enterprises, providing cost-effective and comprehensive background checks that match their unique needs.


Safeguard educational environments by thoroughly vetting staff and faculty, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment.

Real Estate

Protect property and tenants with comprehensive background checks for property managers and real estate professionals.


Ensure a secure workforce in critical infrastructure sectors, mitigating risks associated with personnel handling utilities.

Why Choose Providence Screening?

Accurate and Timely Results

We pride ourselves on providing precise and up-to-date information, ensuring you have the insights you need when you need them.

Legally Compliant

Our background checks adhere to all federal and state regulations, giving you confidence in the integrity of our screening processes.

Competitive Pricing

Quality shouldn’t come at a premium. We offer cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Nationwide Coverage

Access comprehensive background checks tailored to all U.S. states.

Top 10

Recognized by Manage HR as a top 10 background check service provider.

Why Our Clients Love Partnering With Us

Do you desire to be a client that receives professional attention and isn’t taken for granted? Our awesome clients continue to give us praise because we all understand that we are all serving our communities faithfully and to the best of our abilities. And with a little help from modern technology, we are able to offer you a robust portal that makes ordering and reviewing results easy no matter the screen size!

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Contact us now to experience the power of comprehensive background checks tailored to your organization’s needs. Your security is our priority, and at Providence Screening, we’re dedicated to helping you build a foundation of trust and reliability.